Once upon a time there was a freelance illustrator and graphic designer called
Loren Grosvenor.
Loren studied graphic design at York college England and graduated with first class honours in Graphic Design. It had always been a passion of Loren's to draw...and that she did.
She started out her career working in the magic land of UK Greetings designing greetings cards to bring love and joy to the land. She eventually ended up on the cute team where she could work on Disney cards and homeware ranges as well as designing her very own greetings cards.
Later on she discovered a land called Event Prop Hire where she worked as a graphic designer. Here she was able to draw as much as she wanted to, which made Loren very happy...but it just wasn't enough. She had always dreamed of the day that she could work for herself, and one day that dream came true...
From 2012 to 2020 she battled her way through the creative forest conquering job after job, when she finally got to the other side she was greeted by new clients such as Card Factory, Thortful and a whole host of small businesses.
When she finally got to the other end of the forest, she was greeted by her one true partner in crime - Sophie Edgar Author and they both lived happily every after writing and illustrating children's books together forever.

The End.
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